a unique book about Bermuda etiquette and lifestyle from Trudy Snaith * 441-505-8358 * P.O. Box MA 40, Somerset Bermuda MA BX

A 'Must Have' book for:

Bermuda visitors (as a keepsake)
Bermuda residents (to know what it takes to get along)
Bermudians (to remember the way we were)

PRESS RELEASE - 22 July 2016

A guide for any casual or business visitor who wants to avoid the kind of faux pas that can ruin a Bermuda holiday experience. This book is full of advice and etiquette tips that help. Included is a bonus chapter of interviews with interesting Bermudians who were happy to analize Bermuda's before and now. Pictures from the book in all their 'Bermudaful' color splendor can be found HERE

Available at Robertson's Drug Store (St. George's), the Craft Market in Dockyard and other local stores.

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Trudy Snaith


Author and Founder of The Executive School of Protocol, she is considered the authority on etiquette and protocol in Bermuda. Trained and certified by The Protocol School of Washington, The American School of Protocol and the Institut Villa Pierrefeu (Switzerland). For information on etiquette and protocol classes as well as the Institut International Finishing school in Bermuda, please visit the website:




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