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Ask the Wedding Expert


We’re coming to Bermuda for our wedding with 50 guests. Is it rude to not see our guests after the wedding? - Meghan, FL

Traditionally, the newlywed couple would depart for their honeymoon immediately or shortly after the wedding ceremony. The general expectation is that they would not be available to see guests anyway. It is therefore not considered rude if you chose not to plan post wedding entertainment for them. This does not mean that you should duck around the corner if you are out and about and see them approaching. That is rude because it would be inconsiderate of their feelings. You might think about including suggestions for post wedding activities or destination points of interest in the welcome packages that are prepared for your guests.


I’m getting married in Bermuda and am having a few of my friends from college as my bridesmaids. Do I have to pick up the tab for my bridesmaids airfare? - Kym, BDA

No, you do not. I would inform each bridesmaid personally, that I’d like them to be a part of the wedding and give them the wedding details. If that person considers the expense a hardship it is considerate of you to allow them the opportunity to decline the offer in private. If it is your oldest, dearest friend that you absolutely must have there, you might like to help her with the airfare, but it is not a requirement.




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