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  “The expert advice given to our clients on matters of etiquette and protocol is reflected
in their success as global business leaders. We develop social skills for leadership”
The first etiquette and protocol consultancy
The Executive School of Protocol is Bermuda’s first and leading internationally certified etiquette and protocol consultancy. Certified, accomplished and knowledgeable in all facets of international etiquette and protocol, we work with each client individually to develop unique programs customized to enhance presence and distinguish individuals and corporations from the status quo.

Long recognized as an authority on matters etiquette and entertaining, Trudy Snaith is founder and director of The Executive School of Protocol, a division of KTMC Limited. Focusing on a desire to enrich the quality of life in the community, she established Opus Encore, Bermuda's only classical music store. After selling Opus Encore as a thriving business in 1999, she further sharpened her managerial skills through involvement in numerous charitable organizations.

No stranger to the rigors of entertaining and etiquette she was featured on the December 2001 cover of The Bermudian magazine. She has been a hostess for the Bermuda Festival for over 20 years - entertaining a multitude of international performing artists in her home. She is a member of the Confrerie des Chevaliers du Tastevin, an exclusive internationally recognized organization of professional and amateur gastronomes that join together to celebrate fine dining and wine of the Burgundy region. Ms. Snaith is a founding member and former chairperson of the Bermuda Foundation For The Performing Arts. She has been a guest speaker for the Rotary Club of Hamilton as well as a lecturer in Bermuda schools. Ms. Snaith has written monthly Business Etiquette columns for The Bermuda Sun newspaper and contributes a 'Manners For Tots' advice column in the monthly 'Stroller', the 'Meet-A-Mum-Association' newsletter. She is the etiquette consultant for clients of Bermuda Matchmaker.com.

A word from the International sector

"Bermuda is indeed fortunate to have programs based on etiquette codes of conduct, offered by The Executive School of Protocol and the new Institut International. It is an advantage in today's world to be familiar with etiquette practices of various cultures; European, American, Asian, African, Middle Eastern and others.

To have a qualified instructor like Trudy Snaith right on your Island with this knowledge, able to guide individuals through the steps of creating a self assured, sophisticated, polished image and lifestyle, is invaluable and an opportunity I would certainly recommend taking advantage of." -Ngozi Princewill Utchay




Her extensive travels in Europe, Asia and the Middle East have helped to maintain her expertise in international codes of behavior. Possessing a wealth of knowledge from the study of etiquette history, Ms. Snaith has a deep understanding of the value these skills add to one's life. "They are your passport to success."

International protocol has distinct variations but the basic rules of etiquette are the same worldwide. With more frequent social and business interaction between people from different countries and cultures, these rules are the common threads people look for and understand.

"Today Bermudians have a golden opportunity to shine in the growing presence of global corporate business on our Island. We must educate, position ourselves and prepare our children to make the best of that opportunity". Ms. Snaith believes that success in the business world often depends on how well you 'outclass the competition' with your social skills.

Ms. Snaith is a graduate of the Protocol School of Washington®. This prestigious institution has been a major resource for The Joint Military Attaché School of Washington D.C., as well as the White House and many other government and business groups. Consultants certified by The Protocol School of Washington® provide the highest quality programs and current information on this subject in North America and internationally. Possessing certification from The American School of Protocol as well, she is fully certified in Corporate Etiquette, International Protocol and Children’s Etiquette. In 2013 she attended the Institut Villa Pierrefeu, one of the last remaining European finishing schools, for a conference on current trends in etiquette and customs of Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. Her professional affiliation is with the International Association of Protocol Consultants and she is a member of the International Woman's Forum. She has dedicated herself to raising the awareness of etiquette and protocol.

"There is no better preparation for life than having and knowing how to use social skills to your advantage."





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