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  “The expert advice given to our clients on matters of etiquette and protocol is reflected
in their success as global business leaders. We develop social skills for leadership”

Children and Teens

Building self-confidence and developing character in today’s youth is the core curriculum of programs conducted by Ms. Snaith. This coincides with parents desire to raise vibrant, productive children eager to become contributing members of their community and family. She ‘connects’ with youth through experience and understanding while insuring they have a firm knowledge of the social skills necessary for success in their futures.

Young Diplomats of Bermuda - Etiquette for the Modern Generation

'Young Diplomats of Bermuda’ is dedicated to developing within our culture a society based on civility, integrity and character. A return to the social graces that Bermuda was once renown for - using contemporary rules of etiquette to give our youth the social skills for success in life. Developing etiquette and leadership skills for a lifetime our students graduate with increased confidence and self esteem.

  • ‘Miss Perfect and Mr. Manners’ 6 – 11 year olds
  • ‘Miss Sophisticate’ 12 – 15 year old girls
  • ‘Mr. Savvy’ 12 – 15 year old boys
  • ‘Poised For Success’ 16 – 18 year olds

‘We Are The Future’
Contemporary Social Skills Programs developed for the Bermuda School System - helping to build character and self-esteem by providing tools to handle everyday social situations responsibly.

‘Junior Savoir Fare & Silver Spoons’
There is hardly anything that surpasses the beauty of finely polished silver. To restore that luster to heirloom pieces an occasional application of polish is required. Our social and dining skills are no different.

For children of executives or families who travel extensively and are expected to conduct themselves accordingly, in an international social setting.


  • Graduate of an Executive School of Protocol Corporate program
  • Graduate of a Young Diplomats of Bermuda program
  • Basic familiarity with international dining and socialization confirmed upon completion of questionnaire and / or interview.


• Why choose etiquette for your child ?

“The best thing we can give our children are tools for survival, for when they will be away from us and on their own. It is not good enough to just survive – they must have that ‘edge’ to stand out among the competition. And the competition are worthy adversaries – prepared to use every advantage they have. That is why we want our children to be one step ahead”

                                                       Trudy Snaith. Director

"We're entering a period when many jobs - even professional jobs - will eventually be replaced by technology and book learning will mean almost nothing. The only stability will come from social skills. I want my children to learn posture and public speaking, manners and grooming."

internet millionaire, John Marshall

Dear Mrs. Snaith,

Thank you so much for the pictures and all your hard work

with helping Attiyah grow to be such an elegant young

lady. She always enjoys your classes and always takes

something away from it. I know she will make all of us

proud on our trip.



(a Parent)     




The Children's Corner   

" Me and My Manners " ©

The pilot program for this exciting series of lessons for pre-school age children, was a great success. Ten four year olds enrolled and their parents were enthusiastic about following up lessons at home. Head teacher at the Nursery school said "I am impressed at what the children have learned and what they remember. They love sharing their new skills with the other children who are not taking the class."

For information on how this program can be offered in your child's Nursery school contact Trudy Snaith.


Finishing school programs

Introduction: for 14 to 18 year old young ladies

Intensive Etiquette and Protocol: age 18 years and older


"Love classes in a home setting.. Keep me in the loop."


  Warm regards,,                                                           

  Peggy Newfield,

  Founder, The American School of Protocol



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'A Young Person's Guide to Etiquette'

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~ A Young Person's Guide to Etiquette~

~ The Academy for Young Ladies - intro ~

~ Intensive Etiquette and Protocol ~

~ The 21st Century Gentleman ~

~ Away on your own ~

~ Train the Trainer (certification course) ~



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More Magic Manners Club

an after school club for children

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