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  “The expert advice given to our clients on matters of etiquette and protocol is reflected
in their success as global business leaders. We develop social skills for leadership”
Corporate - business etiquette for executives

I. Outclass the Competition Series

  • Business Etiquette
  • Dining Skills
  • The Bermuda Triangle

These powerful half-day seminars cover topics of Business etiquette, business social and dining skills. We provide tools that will enhance the ability to perform in any business situation and achieve full potential to represent the company successfullly. The Bermuda Triangle seminar will help the guest worker understand the culture of Bermuda in addition to learning basic business etiquette and social skills. These are intensive training seminars in the vital skills necessary at every social occasion where business may be promoted or conducted. The seminars are designed to help the participant master professional polish to....

  • Become aware of appropriate business behavior
  • Sharpen personal skills to put you in control of any business and social situation
  • Develop self-esteem
  • Achieve poise and confidence for business socializing
  • Improve corporate image
  • Increase client respect and good will
  • Strengthen in-house and professional relations


II. How to Succeed
      in the International Arena

  • Preparations for international business meetings
  • Global communication styles
  • Strategies to broaden global awareness
  • Developing proper protocol when entering a new business situation
  • Understanding cultural interaction
  • Rank and status differences
  • Businesswomen in the International workplace
  • Understanding orders of precedence
  • Effective gift giving internationally
  • International business card protocol
  • Projecting cultural awareness
  • Strategic do's and dont's
  • Identifying cultural origins that influence business interaction

We offer group or individual

  • seminars
  • dining tutorials
  • workshops
  • briefings
  • 'Entertaining with Elegance' seminars

III. Dine Like A Diplomat

The comprehensive half day seminar (with or without dining tutorial) offers preparation for the formal business dinner. Includes:

  • Extending and accepting invitations
  • Host duties
  • Guest duties
  • Seating guidelines
  • Navigating through the courses
  • Understanding receiving lines
  • Preparation for and hosting a business dinner
  • Toasting practices
  • Forms of service
  • Conversational skills
“Studies have shown that over 40% of business is conducted in a social setting or over a meal.”

See our 2012 newsletter for course dates and information


Additional Programmes

Beginning September 2013 all Social programs will be conducted under the

Institut International

The 21st Century Gentlemen

Today's Gentleman commands attention with his presence, the moment he enters the room.

A foot in the door is no longer enough to get a job, keep a job or advance in that job. This course, especially for men, develops social skills that build confidence for professional and personal success and enhances the ability to make a smooth transition between the two. Topics include:

  • Self presentation
  • Dining first class
  • Conversational skills
  • Making first impressions that count
  • Creating your image
  • Male grooming
  • Wardrobes that work and more

‘Savoir Faire & Silver Spoons’

There is hardly anything that surpasses the beauty of finely polished silver. To restore that luster to heirloom pieces an occasional application of polish is required. Our social and dining skills are no different.

For individuals traveling on business, spouses accompanying business travelers, children who are expected to conduct themselves accordingly in an international social setting or persons who wish to refresh previously acquired skills. Offered for individuals or groups (family or friends)

Prerequisites - one or more of the following:

  • Graduate of an Executive School of Protocol Corporate program
  • Basic familiarity with international dining and socialization confirmed upon completion of questionnaire and / or interview.




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'The Business Etiquette Advantage'™

A three hour class in the private dining room of select Hamilton restaurants where you will make your smartest business investment - your future! Polish your marketability and enhance your position as a key employee of value to your company, where business taking place in social settings is crucial.(CLICK HERE) for more information.

The Eloquence of Entertaining Etiquette

A Master class for the discriminating host or hostess who entertains for business or social reasons and perfection is not an option. This seminar will enhance both your personal and professional success. Our etiquette advisor guides you through key points for creating powerful and lasting impressions. Seminars take place in private intimate settings that allow for individualized attention to detail before, during and after the tutorial meal. Ideally suited to persons wishing to establish themselves as an eloquent host, a savvy guest or friends wishing to share an evening of enlightenment.

               Recommended for groups of up to six persons.


  "I never knew there was so much I didn't know!"

 participant of February 3rd Master Class




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